Octavio Paz, Single Words, Left Aligned, 1957-1987

2014 FaB Paz 21 stillness mini 2014 FaB Paz 19 begins mini 2014 FaB Paz 14 lucidity mini 2014 FaB Paz 13 civilisation mini 2014 FaB Paz 08 modulations mini 2014 FaB Paz 05 restless mini 2014 FaB Paz 59 erosions mini 2014 FaB Paz 56 dogmatic mini 2014 FaB Paz 40 deadland mini 2014 FaB Paz 27 apparition mini 2014 FaB Paz 24 unheard mini 2014 FaB Paz 23 silence mini

As part of the Still Points;Moving World exhibition in Bath, UK, from May 23rd to June 8th, James Merrick has been given a space which used to be the changing rooms in the Old Officer’s Club department store on Stall Street. A text generated from the Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, Merrick’s contribution (Octavio Paz, Single Words, Left Aligned, 1957-1987) is a digital projection originally created in 2009, but when projected onto the mirrors of the changing rooms the piece is utterly transformed and made anew, proving the original premise of the piece that the work and the words change depending on the context in which it is shown.

Marcel Duchamp suggested that art could be reduced to the choices made by the artist: I choose to use this colour paint; I choose to use that bottle rack. With Octavio Paz… James Merrick uses the choices made by a long dead poet over a thirty year period to produce the work for him.


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